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Our professional and experienced piercer, Lindsay, is dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable piercing experience. We offer a variety of piercing spots, including the lobe, tragus, daith, conch, helix, rook, and nostril. We prioritize your safety and comfort. We use only high-quality, disposable piercing equipment and jewelry to minimize the risk of infection and promote healing. 

Please note our minimum age for piercings is 16 years old with a parent present and consent. 

All of our piercing jewelry is made of Implant Grade Titanium. There are multiple options when it comes to jewelry selection but please note that costs vary.




Please note that these prices reflect the piercing itself and DO NOT include the cost of Jewelry. 

Lobe - $80
Lobe Pair - $90
Tragus - $100
Daith - $100
Helix - $80
Rook - $100
Conch - $100
Forward Helix - $80
Nostril - $100
Removal/Insertion of New Jewelry - $25


In our studio, we only use the highest quality of metals. All our jewelry is made from Implant Grade Titanium. We have two tiers of Jewelry to choose from when you come to the studio. 

Standard Jewelry Studs + Hoops: (Implant Grade Titanium, No Gems): $35

Standard Jewelry PAIR (Implant Grade Titanium, No Gems): $50
Premium Jewelry Studs + Hoops: (Implant Grade Titanium, CZ gems): $60
Premium Jewelry PAIR (Implant Grade Titanium, CZ Gems) $90

When you get 3 or more piercings, get $40 off your entire purchase. 

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